Why Us?

Why Choose
Internet Ad Management Inc?

Theodore Roosevelt said- “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” In keeping with that concept, every client is interviewed by a Google Adwords Qualified account manager. Your account manager will learn your goals, then create a search marketing campaign for your unique business and market. Your goals are not lost on a salesperson who attempts to relate your business to an account manager – possibly in a foreign country. We create online marketing that targets your market, considers your unique business, goals and competition.

Bruce Moore, President of Internet Ad Management, Inc. is Google Partner.

  • No Salesman – your Google Adwords Certified account manager will personally interview you to learn your goals and unique market edge.
  • We don’t accept competing accounts. We don’t work for your competitors.
  • We use specialized research tools to evaluate your competitor’s search marketing.
  • Transparency- we report how much of your budget goes to management vs. clicks.
  • Track record of performance. Some accounts who switched to our management saw performance double or triple for click volume and click through rate while maintaining visitor quality!