What We Do


When you search Google, the results at the top are paid ads. We manage those ad campaigns.

Prospects click the ad and go to your website where we can track contact forms, phone calls and purchases.

We manage these ad programs for businesses based in Northern Virginia. Here is an example of a Google search on a phone showing that ALL of the listings at the top are ads:

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Target & Attract Buyers

We can target a local 10 mile radius, globally or any size between. Our search engine marketing firm serves clients in Manassas, Fairfax and Northern Virginia. Ads show in response to searches but can also show on content websites such as news, product reviews, how-to, YouTube and others.

Advantages of Search Marketing

Search marketing campaigns have many advantages over other forms of advertising, especially when they are managed by our experts :
  • Fast Results. Most new ads show within 24 hours of development
  • Pay as you go. Low monthly rates.
  • Target your customers. Show ads only to people that search for your product or service. Reach 80% of internet users globally or just your city.
  • Test Ad Copy. We regularly pit ads against each other and measure results.
  • Track Results. We can track visits, contact forms, phone calls even shopping cart sales.
  • Improve Results in All Media. When especially effective ad copy is discovered we report it so you can use it to boost other offline and online marketing such as your website, email, print advertising and exhibiting.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is different than SEO (Search Engine Optimization) although both seek to drive traffic to your website from search engines. SEO attempts to influence the organic or natural rank of your website. With SEM we have some control over our listings including – what they say, what keywords trigger them, what geography they show in and more.

Would you like to know how an ad program would work for your business? Contact me here.