Add-On Services

Rank Tracking

“My website is #1 on Google” – I cringe every time I hear that! Why? Because the folks that say this often don’t realize the results they see are customized and they are probably not seeing what a first time searcher would see. It also makes a huge difference what keywords they are searching.

Our technology sees what a first time searcher sees so the result is not customized based on a search history.

When you become a search marketing client of Internet Ad Management Inc., part of the account setup is keyword research. We determine what keywords are relevant to your business and we use them to trigger your ads. As part of the on-going ad management service, we analyze the effectiveness of these keywords, find new ones and eliminate poor performers. Because there is so much keyword research, you might like to take advantage of this added service that monitors your organic search results.

We will monitor your organic search ranking for important keywords in your market and report the results to you quarterly. We monitor up to 20 carefully chosen keywords in 3 search engines and also monitor the rank of 2 competitors. This service is $10/month (annual plan) when combined with an ad management program.

Conversion Optimization

We will suggest web page changes, test and analyze the results. Sometimes small changes to a webpage can make dramatic increases in sales, calls, or form submissions. We use the data from your ad campaign and your site analytics to discover opportunities and determine what changes should be tested. Two versions of a webpage are alternated and the results compared. We do up to 4 tests a year.

Marketing Video

We will script, shoot, act, narrate, edit and distribute marketing videos for your company. We use these videos in your ad campaign where we can make 2 or more slightly different versions and test to see which version is more effective – just as we do with text ads!

Don’t you wish you could go back in time to 8 years ago when your $8/click market was only 30 cents a click? Well- that is where we are today with video. We are getting lots of views at rates of 30 cents and even less!

Test Before and Test After
Like other video producers, we have technical skills with audio and video. But when we manage and test your text ads- we know what messages get response before we make a video.  Our video production is designed from the top down to produce multiple versions of the video for the purpose of testing different messages in the video campaign.

These videos can be narrated slideshows, text with narration, a spokesperson and we can even train you on your public speaking skills. We can also shoot live video with multiple cameras. There are lot’s of possibilities. Two versions of a simple narrated slideshow video can be produced for under $500 when you supply the images.