Search Advertising Packages (ad creation, keywords, placement, reporting). These are typical plans but we may offer a custom plan based on your goals and market competitiveness.

Feature Description Basic Standard Large Market
Consultation with Google Certified account manager yes yes yes
Search ads yes yes yes
Display ads no yes yes
Keyword research/optimization biweekly biweekly weekly
Phone Call Tracking & Recording up to 60 minutes up to 120 minutes up to 120 minutes
Split test ads yes yes yes
Competitive research yes yes yes
Reports monthly monthly monthly
Keyword maximum 150 300 unlimited
Campaign maximum 3 4 unlimited
Remarketing yes yes
Monthly (4 month minimum)* $499 (incl. $270 ad spend) $799 (incl. $450 ad spend) 20% of ad spend
($400/month min + ad spend)
Setup fee $249 $349 varies
Not all packages are appropriate for all markets. We reserve the right to offer other service packages and to accept clients only for packages we believe will be beneficial to the client. All packages require Google Analytics page tracking scripts to be installed on your website. We provide script installation instructions for your webmaster (installation not included).
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