Search Marketing Management

Ad Creation-We create the ads you see at the top and right when you search on Google, Bing, Yahoo and some other search engines. We also use image ads with photos and graphics that may appear on content websites such a news, weather, or YouTube. We test ad variations and refine the message.

Geography-Search advertising campaigns can show only to people in a 10 mile radius, by zip code, or globally. We determine the best geography for your campaign. They can  show only to prospects that have visited specific pages on your website or everyone. Analytics used with search marketing can report the number of visitors from each ad, keyword, and the value of the sales from each.

How Are Leads Generated?

Prospects see your ad on a content website or in response to a search. The headline and ad copy compel them to click the ad and visit your website. Your search marketing professional has carefully chosen keywords and written ad copy to bring motivated buyers to your website.

Getting Started

When we start your campaign our first priority is to learn why your clients choose you and what makes you unique in your market. This is how we are able to better determine the relevant keywords.

We do keyword research that may include analysis of your website content, competitive research, and various online tools that help us find related keyword searches. We organize those keywords into highly targeted groups. Completed campaigns  often show within a day. Performance is measured immediately.

We can track phone calls, contact forms, and shopping cart sales. Website analytics can trace responses back to the ad and keyword. Search ads with poor results can be eliminated and variations of successful ads can compete to be the new winner. Constant refinement of ads, placements, and keywords drive campaign improvement. Search engine marketing works on any size budget. For small businesses we offer search marketing packages at low monthly rates. You’ll know your search marketing costs up front. Larger businesses with diverse products or large market areas are managed based on a percentage of the cost per click ad spend.

Ongoing Account Services

Each month we will check ad and keyword performance, adjust bids accordingly, reorganize keyword groups, take advantage of new ad features, eliminate poor performing ads and keywords, and block irrelevant keywords.

A Campaign Especially for You

Our pricing page shows some typical campaigns, but we may customize a plan based on the market for the products and services you want to sell, competition, and your budget.